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Achillea fragrantissima aromatic plant research center. Achillea fragrantissima, rich in flavonoids and tannins. The acute and longterm safety evaluation of aqueous, methanolic. Animals had free access to tap water and standard rat chow.

Ecophysiological studies on achillea fragrantissima and artemisia judaica in two wadis of southern sinai, egypt w. Recently, due to the growing environmental concerns the interest of the scientific community in medicinal and other aromatic plants derived from the traditional sources of knowledge has been renewed martins and brijesh, 2018, petrovska, 2012. The leaves are dried over seven days and a kilo of the powder is extracted three times with methanol. Authors reported its activity as carminative, anthelmintic and antiseptic to various infections for the urinary tract 12. The taxonomic identity of the plant was confirmed by prof. To evaluate activity of methanol extract of achillea fragrantissima meth a. Chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oil isolated from the leaves of. Analgesic and antiulcerogenic potentials of achillea fragrantissima. Adriamycin adr is a cytotoxic anthracycline agent that is utilized to manage many types of tumors, but its clinical use is undesirable due to severe cardiotoxicity. Pdf essential oils of achillea fragrantissima extract were prepared and analyzed by gas chromatographymass spectrometry gcms.

The desert plant achillea fragrantissima is traditionally used. Pdf in recent years, there has been a marked increase in the. Achillea fragrantissima, which is traditionally used in the form of tea, infusion, extracts and phytomolecules for various medical. Achillea fragrantissima, rich in flavonoids and tannins, potentiates. The present study aimed to investigate the cardioprotective effect of achillea fragrantissima a. Ecophysiological studies on achillea fragrantissima and. Barel s, yashphe 1989 effect of the essential oil from achilleafragrantissima on. Phytochemicals, antioxidant, and antityrosinase activities of achillea. An achillea fragrantissima extract for treating chronic myeloid leukemia cells is made by the following steps. Pelagia research library materials and methods plant achillea fragrantissima was harvested from the medicinal and aromatic plant garden of the hashemite university, zarqa, jordan. Potential protective effect of achillea fragrantissima.

According to legend, achilles soldiers used yarrow to treat their wounds, hence some of its common names such as allheal and bloodwort. Elabsy 2 1botany department, faculty of science, tanta university, tanta, egypt 2desert research centre, ministry of agriculture, cairo, egypt article published on july 09, 2014. The leaf extracts demonstrated strongest free radical scavenging, cupric. The aerial parts of achillea fragrantissima forssk. Us9345734b2 achillea fragrantissima extract, method for. Therapeutic potential of achillea fragrantissima extracts in. Pdf chemical composition and anticancer activity of achillea. Pdf phenolics of achillea fragrantissima growing in egypt and its. Achillea fragrantissima, which is traditionally used in the form of tea, infusion, extracts and phytomolecules for various medical purposes in the arabian region against different types of. Achillea fragrantissima is a desert plant used in the traditional medicine of arabian countries to treat many. The resulting material is concentrated and redissolved in water to form a concentration of 0.

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