Silverado driver side floor wet

Why does water leak on passenger side floor in a 1500. Why is the drivers side floor board wet after it rains 1999 lincoln town car the drivers side floor board fills with water with no apparent water leak trail. The carpet on the driver side has been wet for over two months. Why does water leak on passenger side floor in a 1500 truck. I drove home and took out the rubber floor mat so i didnt trap any additional moisture. And that is how the drivers side floorboard gets wet inside the car. Happened a few more times, started to notice a lot more dampness. Interior water leak onto drivers side floor board on 2011 gmc sierra slt 4x4. Installing the fully assembled hvac unit connecting the drain is tricky on the line. My 4runner smells musty, and after pulling the floormat up on the drivers side, i noticed a wet spot on the backside of the mat where my foot would rest while driving. I noticed a musty smell and discovered my carpet is soaking wet under the floor mat on the drivers side. If the vents between the cab and truck bed were leaking could. This is because the water is dribbling back down the pipe and into the foam surrounding the pipe.

Took him a while to find it but once he had windshield re sealed, never had no more problems with a wet floor board. Chevy silverado replacement carpet molded, exact fit. If it were if it were heater core it would be on the passenger side right thanks in advance for any help. I took my car in last fall to findrepair a leak causing a soaked drivers side floor board. Replace your rusted floor pans by ordering this 19992006 chevy silveradogmc sierra cab floor, driver side from raybuck auto body parts today. Was getting lots of water on the drivers side floor during rains but couldnt tell why. I was getting water in on both driver and passsenger floors. The odor is ruined carpet mildew smell no rust by the the doors just the floorboard on the drivers side seems to. Ive noticed water under my drivers side floor mat for the last couple weeks. Yah, the drain for the window is under the wiper cowl and sometimes junk gets in there and clogs it up to the point it overflows into the interior. I made a little overlapping piece of aluminum then siliconed it up good. Already checked the ac line on the passenger side, its as it should be.

Gmc sierrachevy silverado cabin air filter replacement. Rain leak drivers side floor drivers side carpet get wet when it rains. I noticed a musty smell and discovered my carpet is soaking wet under the floor mat on the drivers side, thoughts. Wet drivers side floor under mat ok, so i have looked all over the internet searching for others with a similar problem, and had some success but nothing has worked. I read through a couple other threads on here re water under floor mats and some suggestions were leaking door seals, windshield seals, clogged ac drain, or water coming up from the. My drivers side floor mat will be soaked and there will be. Yah, it will be tough to dry without some dry sunny warm weather. Chevy s10 gmc s15 and sonoma wet floor when it rains. I thought it was originally just water from wet boots and would dry out eventually, but it hasnt. The driver side is usually damp and the passenger side floor is soaked, squishy, like a wet sponge. Gmc sierra chevy silverado cabin air filter replacement. My windshield is leaking and does cause my driver side carpet to be wet. Somehow the water must exit the intake otherwise youll have a wet floor.

My truck is leaking water on the drivers side after it rains. How to fix interior water leak on floorboard drivers side gmc. So i pull up the gray carpet which was brown on the drivers side and find that the whole underside of the carpet is a moist. Heres a list of what ive done so i can rule theses out and hopefully somebody has the exact problem fix for me. Upon further inspection, i found that it was soaking wet under the ds.

When it rains water leaks into the driver side and gets the floor mat soaking wet. How to fix, water getting in to driver and passenger floor on a 9906. My floor is drenched on the drivers side floor and along the side to the back seats. Wet drivers side floor 1999 chevy silverado 2 answers.

It is a rare occurrence that it is wonky on any but the specific. The carpet areas of the driver side chevrolet 2001 silverado 1500 question. Water leak on passenger side floor chevy message forum. I have taken apart the dash and cleaned out the ac ducts and replaced the filter. This should also work for silverado, tahoe, and suburbans 9906.

Lucky me i just got station to nm so no rain will be coming my way. Drivers side floorboard full of water silverado sierra. Soaked driver side floor 2008 silverado im real late with this thread but i also had a large amount of water in my drivers side floor board and behind the drivers seat. Confirmed fix water leak on chevy truck foggy windows wet floorboards. In our selection you will find carpeting by the leading domestic and foreign brands, such as lund, international, auto custom carpets, and certain others. One day i discovered that my driver side ds floor mat was damp.

I blew it off thinking that i accidentally left window cracked or whatever during a rain. Anytime it rains now or when i wash my truck my drivers side floorboard gets about a 34 inch. I pulled the carpet back to let it dry and could not find a source. I caught in my peripheral vision a drop of water falling from under my drivers side dash it had not been raining. The water is coming in from the normal drainage on the side of the door.

Was not sure if wet boots or cold, damp air prevented floor from drying or if leak. The seam at the roof and second pillar where it looks to be crimped together looks wet and rusted leading to the weatherstrip. I would love to fix it,but i can not find water anywhere but the floor,it makes it hard to repair,if you cant find the water leak. Hey guys, ive had this problem for awhile and have never really given it the time to figure it out. Snow and salt was getting under the mat and the carpet was all wet underneath. Coincidentally, soon after that, i started to noticed dampness on the drivers side floor.

Water under drivers side floor mat maintenancerepairs. When i removed the wiper cowl to see if the drain hole was plugged, the pen sized hole underneath the wipers appeared to be clear. I start cussing and think weatherstripping or something similar but it hadnt rained in a bit and hot days and leaving the door open for it to vent didnt make it seem like water. I have a 2005 honda pilot that has developed a bad leak. There was a puddle on the rubber front passenger side floor mat. If wet with no rain could be heater hosecore or ac. Driver side floorboard carpet is getting wet when it rains. Ford explorer questions rain leak drivers side floor cargurus. Drivers side floor wet car forums and automotive chat. How to fix interior water leak on floorboard drivers side gmc truck 2011 duration. The floor on the driver and passenger side gets wet.

When the air conditioner develops condensation, it has nowhere to go but either the drivers or passengers side floorboards. Wet drivers side floor 1999 chevy silverado my floor is drenched on the drivers side floor and along the side to the back seats. How to fix interior water leak on floorboard drivers side gmc truck 2011. Floor board carpet is wet my 2000 chev silverado extended cab 1500 has a leak. Not a whole lot to go on, but a standard thing to check whenever. I had the premium chevy floor mats in mine and noticed my carpet was getting wet due to the area under the gas pedal not being protected. Wet drivers side floor under mat toyota 4runner forum. Confirmed fix water leak on chevy truck foggy windows wet. Turns out it was coming from the seal around the door frame near the top of the windshield. A sitting silverado leaks water under driver side mats. Just bought a 2006 colorado regular cab 4wd z71 v5 with only 30 miles on it.

Looked like the headliner got stuck in the glass adhesive when assembled. Why your floor may be wet on the passengers side of your car. After a really heavy rain or snow, my drivers side floor board will be wet. It was most noticeable with the ac on, but even with having the ac off and the heat on the floor is still quite wet and getting quite stinky as well. Ive obviously got a leak somewhere, but what are some options. I have the same problem with my car,mitsubihsi 2004,nothing in wet but the driver side under the matt,can not find a leak,its not the windshield,its not the window seal,there is no sign of water leak,or wet spot to save my life. Soaked driver side floor 2008 silverado gminsidenews. They repaired a leak at the bottom of the windshield. In the process i was able to narrow down that the water is confined only to the driver side. There was no water on the back window or the headliner but it was puddled up in the passenger floor board. Chevrolet silverado 1500 questions wet drivers side floor 1999.

When i pulled over to fill up i checked under the mat and noticed the carpet was wet. The carpet under the drivers and passenger floor mats have normal winter dampness, i noticed the drivers side seat belt bolt is rusty and the seat belt webbing is wet about 3 inches up. The back glass was leaking at the driver side top corner. Chevy truck forum silverado sierra gmc truck forums. I dont think its the heater coil or ac system because the drivers side and passengers side carpets are wet. Wet drivers side floor 1999 chevy silverado cargurus. Purchasing a chevy silverado replacement carpet, you will significantly upgrade the condition of the vehicles interior, which will help you keep up the resale value of the truck. In addition, the floor can be rusted out which will cause water intake. A few days after i got it i was cleaning the inside and i noticed the passenger side floor was wet, i took it back to the dealer and they told me the air conditioner drain was clogged and they fixed it, well i was cleaning the inside today and it was wet again.

Why floor is wet on passenger side floor mat carpet wet car smells wet duration. Have seen many posts explaining water on passenger side floor boards and the cause and how to repair, but none for the drivers side. I went on a long drive recently and noticed the floor on the drivers side getting really hot. Water on floorboard on drivers side, wheres it coming from. Today i pulled out my seats and folded back the carpet to dry everything out. The other night as i was filling it up with gas i noticed the drivers side floor board was wet while climbing in its lifted.

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