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Increase your efficiency with bidirectional links to the industry leading bim products. Powered by a sophisticated fem solver increasing capacity and substantially speeding up solution for large and complex models, spmats v8. When designing a waffle coffer slab, can the following method be used or are there errors or flaws in the approach. The focus is on roads and bridges highwaysnear the coast that are always, or occasionally during storms, influenced by coastal tides and waves. You can perform reinforcement designs, long term deflections, beam designs, reactions, automatic two way action, effective moment of inertia, and. There is a lot of concrete design software and rightfully so, because concrete is used in so many ways. Slab calculations structural calculations archiproducts. The rcc slab designing tool is developed by shankar toyal, student of indian institute of technology, bhubaneswar. A wide range of commercial software is available to aid designers with the efficient and economic design of steel framed buildings and bridges. Flooroffice, the complete and fully integrated software solution for hollowcore flooring and precast industries, supports all types of prefab floors.

Economically design posttensioned and reinforced concrete floors including slabs, mats, and rafts, with exceptional visibility into compliance, efficiency, and practicality. Posttensioned concrete design spreadsheet program a pdh. Design floors and foundations reliably and efficiently, saving time and money, and overcoming the most common concerns you face as a designer. Twoway joist concrete slab floor waffle slab system analysis and design design the concrete floor slab system shown below for an intermediate floor with partition weight of 50 psf, and unfactored live load of 100 psf. Finite element software is commonly used for flat slab design in first world. Jan 01, 2012 wall street business magnate stephen chu, winner of the strathmores whos who registry honoring the most successful business tycoons in the world, says the demolisher betting system lived up exactly to its billing. This pdf file contains a chapter of 23 pages with various aspects of flat slabs including four example of flat slab design. The safi gse concrete software supports several concrete design standards. Design of reinforced concrete structures ii twoway slabs. Conduit is an enclosed channel used to convey flows through or under a dam. Twoway joist concrete slab floor waffle slab system. Concrete volume estimator calculator slab engineers edge. This is the compilation of the presentations available for grid slabs. The latest and most sophisticated design software has been used used to analyse and design.

Integrated reinforced and posttensioned concrete slab design software. Flat slab analysis and design free version download for pc. This publication seeks to introduce fe methods, explain how concrete can be successfully modelled and how to interpret the results. Flat slab analysis and design designs beamless concrete slab floors flat slab or waffle slab in accordance with aci 318. Slab formwork essentially consists of a horizontal loadbearing structure which supports the formlining and transfers the forces into the shoring. Thermal acoustic slab systems are designed in accordance with the specifications in sans10100 code. Design all columns in a building with the click of a button. Detailed calculation steps presented for verification. Waffle slab design and anlaysis as equivalent solid slab.

Complete and integrated software for precast flooring. Reinforced and posttensioned concrete slab design software. Jun 30, 2016 the purpose of this hec25 document is to provide guidance for the analysis, planning, design and operation of highways in the coastal environment hice. The williams coffer slab system consists of removable plastic coffer. With the automated slab generation and design tools in safi, the longitudinal reinforcement required to withstand bending forces is calculated according to the design. Rcc slab design is a free app for designing one way and two way reinforced concrete slab systems as per indian standards. Highly appreciated design and analysis tool, one in a kind. Consider all major aspects of slab design including service, ductility, and strength limit states, codeprescribed requirements, longterm deflections, punching shear, and walking vibration. Safe is the ultimate tool for designing concrete floor.

Rcc design and detailing could be performed for ten different boundary conditions option to save the design. Design calculation of weight reduced concrete slabs. Nov 01, 2016 coffers were used in historical buildings even before rcc structures came into being. Use the print button located on the right menu to print calculated data. And it requires a lot of redistribution to make it work. Suspended slabs can include flat, twoway, waffle, and ribbed framing systems. A computer program is written using matlab to perform the structural analysis and design of waffle slabs by the direct design method. Design the concrete floor slab system shown below for an intermediate floor with partition. Chapter 12 cofferdams and seal courses pile buck magazine. The williams coffer slab system consists of removable plastic coffer blocks suspended between a series of parallel ribs spanned across the area where a concrete slab is required. This spreadsheet program provides for the design and analysis of posttensioned concrete oneway beam and slab systems and twoway flat plate slab systems.

Dhex is a software tool that is made to demonstrate the chemical design calculations of double pipe hairpin heat exchangers. Ribbed floors consisting of equally spaced ribs are usually supported directly by columns. In this example we will design a cofferdam system, supporting a 20ft excavation. What is the best reinforced concrete design software. The kwikstrip system produces a coffer grid spacing of 0. The software will do all the thermal calculations involved in the design. Design of waffle slab without beams by direct design method 32 32 32 c 1 c 2 c 3 c 4 2 c. The analysis and design follow the equivalent frame analysis method of the aci code, which considers a onebay wide strip of the floor system as a continuous frame.

Avoid long narrow elements can lead to roundoff errors in some software. Pdf optimum design of reinforced concrete waffle slabs. Simply input the data required within the appropriate box and select update button located of the bottom. Our design software will significantly assist a qualified engineer arrive at a solution which speeds the design process for floors and slabs. Dam is any artificial barrier and its appurtenant works. Concrete design software for concrete beam slab design. Static analysis using the reinforced concrete slab wall design utility provided reinforcement contour plots for the slabs. Millano complex cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam. Input uniformly distributed loads independent of slab geometry. The coffer blocks used in the coffer slab are manufactured from plastic, making them light and easy to handle. Whether the project is local or overseas, design codes from around the globe are available for reinforced concrete and posttensioned slab design.

Powered by the equivalent frame method of analysis and design per latest american aci 31814 and canadian csa a23. When coffers cover the ceiling and columns architect magazine. The top selling software program with over 2000 users world wide. The result is less labor and quick and easy installation. Coffer dams can be classified into many types depending upon the depth, soil conditions, and fluctuations in the water level and type of. Design elevated concrete slabs with or without posttensioning. However, when considering design for shear, the spherical void formers used in the cobiax system result. Like one way joist but with beams in each direction typically used in rectangular bays where distance between columns is equal or close to in both directions. Design based on geotechnical engineering software including the following programs spw 911 by pilebuck international inc.

Rcc design and detailing could be performed for ten different boundary conditions option to save the design projects in local storage. This catalogue does not contain any design detail but lists and depicts. Slabs is a program that can be used by structural engineers to perform a static analysis and design of reinforced concrete slab systems of any shape, including suspended slabs and slabsonground. Determine the equivalent thickness of a solid slab, that is with the same section modulus. Cofferdam design and construction overview mdot perspective. The program is divided into three separate screens, which correspond to the three major areas of concern in the design of a posttensioned member.

Reinforced concrete slab and beam design software adaptrc 2017 product overview an easytouse and learn software for the design, analysis, and investigation of reinforced nonprestressed concrete beams, beam frames, slabs and floor systems a must have production tool in every structural engineering office. The model and analysis have been designed with deepex shoring design software. The lateral loads are independently resisted by shear walls. Each piece is a molded coffered panel measuring approximately 9 feet 2 inches by 8 feet 9 inches. How to design reinforced concrete flat slabs using finite.

Which type of slab is the most effective solution to concrete structures. Static analysis using the reinforced concrete slab wall design utility provided reinforcement contour plots for the slabs and also provided. Prestressed waffle slabs knowledgebase concrete design c02. The assembly of the coffer blocks is done on the ground before being lifted into position between the supporting ribs. Transfer slabs can be used instead of beamand slab. Technical advice centre toll free help line 0800 205 029. Design methods such as bandeddistributed flat slabs rely on yield line solutions even though designers treat it as a normal flexural design. Types of cofferdams and their construction details.

Reinforced concrete slab design and detailing guide is456. Jun 5, 2017 two way concrete joist system waffle slab. Complete design of rcc waffle slab using excel for punching shear check. Formscaffs coffer system is used to produce concrete slabs with a. Easy to use software becoming more widely available very accurate if used properly better than grillage. For 1m slab width, moment, shear force, oneway continuous slab for continuous slab, moment and shear force can be obtained from table 3.

Download two way rcc slab designing excel sheet template. Reinforced concrete slab design and detailing guidelines for depth of slab, loads on slab, reinforcement guide for oneway and twoway slabs as per is 456. Cofferdam design example braced sheet piles and a base. Software for builders and remodelers chief architect. The installers formwork drawing of a twoway slab detailing and design of earthquake resistant buildings made of reinforced concrete. Cofferdam is a temporary structure enclosing all or part of the construction area so that construction can proceed in the dry. Useful rcc slab design app with clean and intuitive user interface. Difficult beam and slab analyses are a thing of the past with our concrete design software. Inducta engineering concrete buildings design software.

Search all products, brands and retailers of slab calculations. Deep excavations deep excavation design and construction. This spreadsheet is an extremely efficient tool and allows to quickly design two way slabs to aci code. Download free demo updated august 8, 2019 soilstructure slab on grade software simplifies the calculation of a. Post tension slab design software structural engineering. It helps you design from the simplest to very complex deep excavation systems. Design of reinforced concrete structures ii twoway slabs 1 1. Slab and column design for the great western hospital, swindon. He developed a project economic design of two way rcc slabs and this slab.

Posttensioned, reinforced concrete slab design software ram. Analysis, design and investigation of beams, one and twoway slab systems, flat plate, flat slab, waffle slab and slab bands. Technical note 5 slab does not adequately represent the mechanical properties of a stemmed floor system for analysis and design. This paper deals with the problem of optimum design of reinforced concrete twoway ribbed waffle slabs using genetic algorithms. The williams coffer slab system has been designed for use in both commercial and residential applications and can be engineered to suit any project where concrete slabs are required. Sandwich slabs may have the disadvantage of a larger weight compared to the ribbed. Reinforcement implementation, static and dynamic analysis for reasons regarding behaviour, safety and economical design, the twoway slab is far more efficient than the equivalent oneway slab. Oneway simply supported slab analysis and design of the slab similar to design of simply supported beam as indicate in the previous chapter. Find a new slurry wall machine that fits your needs and save as much as 50% over competing equipment. To design the coffered panels, duffy says the som team essentially made a 3d map of the ceiling and capitals, and then segmented it into a taxonomy of pieces. Cofferdam design braced sheet piles and base slab youtube.

Flat slab analysis, design and detailing pdf civil. A waffle slab is a twoway concrete slab reinforced by ribs in two directions. For 1m slab width, moment, shear force, oneway continuous slab for continuous slab. The analysis and design follow the equivalent frame analysis. Concrete slab design software free download concrete slab. The elements can be triangular, rectangular or quadrilateral. In addition, the steel sector has developed a number of free software packages and spreadsheet tools to aid designers, which are presented here. Retainwall is a software mainly developed for the purpose of designing a concrete or masonry retaining wall. In reality, sandwich slabs are ribbed slabs with a slab placed both to their upper and lower surface.

Software including the following programs spw 911 by pilebuck international inc. Twoway joist concrete slab floor waffle slab system analysis and design design the concrete floor slab system shown below for an intermediate floor with partition weight of 50. Diy coffee table coffee table design glass coffee tables coffee cups home design wood table design live edge furniture outdoor furniture live edge table this live edge table design includes custom cut glass, 2 floating slabs. For girder slab formwork, wooden or aluminum girders are crosswisemounted and covered with formlining of choice. The latest and most sophisticated design software has been used used to analyse and design the system.

This calculator will estimate the require concrete volume to fill the width, height and depth given. Depending on the application, the ribs will be either precast concrete lattice ribs or wooden purlins. Here is two way rcc slab designing excel sheet template for download. Hand calculations for structural designs and details are. Aec 3d culvertsslabs is a solution helping civil engineers to quickly design and plan slab type cross drainage structures or minor bridges for highwaycanal projects. A cofferdam is a structure that retains water and soil that allows the enclosed area to be pumped out and excavated dry. Civil engineering design 1 analysis and design of slabs 20067 dr. The slab is represented by a mesh of slab segments called elements joined to each other at nodes. A properly reinforced coffer or waffle slab can span the same distances as a regular slab would, weighing far less. The structural modeling used in most commercially available software, where stems are considered as disjointed from the topping slab does not deliver the advantages associated with waffle slab slab construction. Cofferdams are commonly used for construction of bridge piers and. Concrete design software for concrete beam slab design analysis software.

Reinforced concrete slab and beam design software adaptrc. Design of waffle slab in etabs tutorial part 1 youtube. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid, that often catch out the unwary. Two way slab design to aci free download and software. Chief architect is the leading design tool for architects, builders and remodelers because it streamlines the design process. Finite element fe analysis, is a popular powerful computer method of analysing flat slab concrete structures. Concrete slab design software free download concrete. Cofferdam, cofferdam design, cellular cofferdams deep. Cofferdam design braced sheet piles and a base slab. World leading software in geotechnical engineering. They are either oneway spanning systems known as ribbed slab or a twoway ribbed system known as a waffle slab. Then rcc waffle slabs were built which resembled coffers and hence it is also called coffer slab. The program offers wide range of sophisticated features for precise design, planning, analysis and production of 3d2d drawings.

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