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The generic worksheets, games, art activities, and teaching ideas in this book are ideal for core literature as well as for individualized reading. This printable report writing worksheet helps 5th and 6th graders write mature book reports that describe in greater detail the readers. As a book report template, the center image could be a copy of the book cover. Inject some new inspiration into poem writing with book spine poems. It is designed to attract the attention of prospective readers and tell them something about the book.

The illustration is creatively designed and relates to the book s theme. How important is the illustration and the book jacket description to you when choosing the book. Wondering how to write a book report that can demonstrate your understanding of the authors major ideas, impress your teacher, classmate, get you a high grade. Great for 3rd 5th grade and can be modified for lower or higher grades. Book jacket report lesson plan for 4th 8th grade lesson. Book jacket book report project the document includes instructions for students to create a book jacket that tells about the book they have read, highlighting the story elements such as setting, characters, conflicts, climax, and resolution. The students name should be on the back of the spine. The first thing you will notice about the summer reading project. Book report project directions dust jacket directions description a dust jacket is the paper covering on a hardback book. Design a book jacket with an inside summary you will design and illustrate the outside of a book jacket for the book you just read. April 27, 2020 4 5 center 5th grade ela book jacket activity. Students may choose one project from the list found under the book report tab. Each report will be graded and will be part of your overall reading grade. Name about write this in your designed to be the publishing company.

My students typically complete their book jacket in in three 30minute. Nov 24, 2015 book report create a book jacket cover this book report can be used after completing any. Rather than following any rules on structure or rhyme, book spine poems invite aspiring poets to use only book titles to create a truly funky masterpiece. Book report student choice board by ms j black tpt. This project is creative and exciting for them with almost no prep involved for you. Character summary, author biography, illustrations, book summary, and more.

Here are 22 creative book report ideas designed to make reading. Each major event will need at least 5 comic book cells. Choose one book from the fifth grade summer reading book jacket project list. After all, the ending may surprise you and you dont want incomplete information in your project. Using a book from your home as an example, talk about what is included on the front cover, such as an image, the title of the book, the author and illustrators name. You may complete a second book jacket project for reading extra credit.

The 4th grade teacher in our school does a book jacket book report. If a book questionable, please consult the teacher before you start reading it. Show students the books that you have gathered for this activity. Another idea that works well for both nonfiction and fiction book reports. On the cover they illustrate a cover for their report this is usually any picture that they want that will describe the story not the cover of their book. You will be required to report on 4 books that you have read on your own time. Character journal, book jacket, comic strip, letter, magazine interview, poemsong, newspaper article, or movie poster.

Jun 22, 2011 explain that he will be designing a new book jacket. Teach your child the art of the status update with this cuttingedge take on the oldfashioned book report. These will be erased later and will only be used as reference points. This book is sort of a girls version of gary paulsens classic hatchet. Apr 23, 2020 april 27, 2020 4 5 center 5th grade ela book jacket activity summary upn. Our panel of childrens book experts recommends these great books for your fifth grader.

They present their jacket to the class in a creative fashion. There should be little to no illustrations in the book. April 27, 2020 4 5 center 5th grade ela book jacket. Learners create a book jacket that covers a book they have chosen to read. How to use the book jacket for a book report use light, small numbers to number the panels on the side that appears to be the outside of the book jacket from 1 to 5. The illustration is creatively designed and relates to the books theme. Book jacket book report 5th grade book jacket book report includes. Make a book jacket project i absolutely love this idea and i am having my 3rd graders begin it next week as an end of the year project. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. April 27, 2020 4 5 center 5th grade ela book jacket activity summary upn. Do you ever think about the book jacket summary after you. Students explore book covers of a variety of books then create a new cover for a book.

The book jacket should look like an oversized cover for the book. Finish reading the book before you begin your report. Book report projects book projects school projects library lessons library ideas library books elementary school library elementary schools teaching schools. Sep 20, 2017 book report write a 3 paragraph minimum book report about your book. Students must include the following on their holes book jacket. Write the title of the book on the top line and underline it. Read the book this is an obvious, but very important, first step. Most of the activities are adaptable across grade levels and are flexible enough for wholegroup, small group. This fun book cover design project is a unique way for students to prove their reading of an independent or class novel. She has the kids fold the paper like its a hard cover book book jacket. When you are finished with the folds, you will have what resembles a book jacket with inside flaps, a spine, and a front and back cover. Book report jacket a creative book report betterlesson. Using construction paper of whatever color you wish, design a book jacket that will be folded like the picture above.

You will have approximately 7 weeks in which to choose a book, read it and complete a report. Book report writing activities for kindergarten, first and second grade. Nov 24, 2015 book report create a book jacket cover this book report can be used after completing any fictional novel study. Students must include the following on their book jacket.

Make a book jacket project i absolutely love this idea. This book report project is an equal mix of writing and creativity that students love. Discuss with your child how the book jacket is used to entice the reader and give information about what the book is about. Discuss the difference between a book cover the front of a book and a dust jacket paper covering found on a hardback book that is usually illustrated and includes front and back flaps, that protects the binding of the book from scratches. Ideas5th grade classroomclassroom resources6th grade ela6th grade reading. Think about being a tv or radio reporter, and give a live broadcast report of an event in the book. Each student will create a book jacket for the book they are reading. The title of the book 3 the authors name 2 a creative illustration. The book needs to be sixth grade level, and at least 100 pages.

Help your fifth grader search the family bookshelves to create a oneofakind poem based on the books he already loves. Design a book jacket printable 1st 3rd grade teachervision. Take an 11 x 14 piece of white paper and fold it as follows. This book jacket report lesson plan is suitable for 4th 8th grade. All fifth grade students are currently reading a book they have selected for a project that will be worked on at school and finished at home. The book should be at or above grade level lexile 7401010 and challenging for the student. The front cover should have the title, author and illustrator of the book as well as an illustration of the story. Jun 8, 20 this template allows students to create a book jacket for their book report. As students grow older and begin to form more mature thoughts and opinions about their experiences in the world, this must be reflected in their book reports as well.

Great inclass or homework assignment for individuals or partners. On the inside include a summary of the book and dont forget your p,c,t,f,c. Use light, small numbers to number the panels on the side that appears to be the outside of the book jacket from 1 to 5. Nov 09, 2011 book jacket project due november 21st. Create a book jacket worksheet is it begins by setting a purpose. Projects book test prepare a test for the book you read. Include your name, author, illustration of book hand made or printed introduction.

Palacio book report written by 4th grade at bjams plot the story begins with auggie, the main character, starting 5th grade at beecher prep. Be sure to include speech or captions in your comic cells. Students are engaged when there is a real world connection to their assignments. In both stories, a teenage character is stranded in the wilderness following a plane crash. Comic book retell 35 major events from your book by drawing the action into comic book cells. Book jacket project description page grading rubric halfpage design example photos of a completed book jacket book jacket template.

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