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Such features allow pxi bus to be widely used for pcbased measurement. Pxi is based on the popular pc based bus system, compactpci, used for embedded development and computer based platforms as such pxi is able provide the benefits of the pci architecture. The ni pxie 1085 chassis pxi trigger bus connectivity diagram shows. In computer architecture, a bus is a subsystem that transfers data or power between. Download scientific diagram architecture of the pxibased communication system.

These platforms are used as a basis for building electronic test equipment, automation systems, and modular laboratory instruments. Pxi adds a rugged compact pci mechanical formfactor, an there is an industry consortium. Architecture of the pxibased communication system of the fdi. The controller gives access to the pxi bus, where the pxi instruments are on. The most common implementation of the pci bus operates at 33 mhz and 32 bits with a peak theoretical bandwidth of 2 mbs and is the implementation employed in the majority of pxi systems. A pointtopoint serial bus, rather than a shared parallel bus architecture. Figure 3 labview soft front panel and underlying block diagram. Pci and pci express communication the pci bus gained adoption as a mainstream computer bus in the mid1990s. Introduction to the pxi architecture national instruments. This tutorial provides an overview of pxi, including the pxi hardware architecture, software architecture, and an introduction to configuring pxi systems. Pxi is based on industrystandard computer buses and permits flexibility in building equipment.

Additional resources pxi specification overview the pxi modular instrumentation architecture an overview of the main features of the pxi specification. Routing pxi trigger lines across the buses of multi. For example, through the mechanical architecture, the system controller is defined to be in the leftmost slot of a pxi chassis to ensure it is at the left end of the pci bus segment. The mechanical architecture specifies the physical compatibility between compactpci, compactpci express, pxi, and pxi express. The ni pxie1085 chassis pxi trigger bus connectivity diagram shows. Pdf pxibased architecture for realtime data acquisition and. This document provides some basic information about what the pxi standard is, and what is required to get started. Up to 128 external resources can be connected to any of the test systems receiver io pins via a high performance, internal 16 wire matrix bus. Pdf this paper describes an architecture model for data acquisition systems based on compact. One of the most important benefits pxi offers is its. Pxi systems alliance home about pxi pxi architecture.

Routing pxi trigger lines across the buses of multi segment pxi chassis. Ravi budruk don anderson tom shanley technical edit by joe winkles addisonwesley developers press boston san francisco new york toronto. Based on the 6u pxi architecture, the gx7016 incorporates a modular switch matrix and multiplexer architecture which supports up to 4608 multiplexed, hybrid io pins. Fys3240 pcbased instrumentation and microcontrollers. Pxi specification pci extensions for instrumentation pxi systems. No, when you route a trigger from one bus, it will be routed across all buses of the chassis. Based upon specifications, the theoretical maximum bandwidth of the pci bus is 2 mbs, which translates to 110 mbytess of sustainable practical throughput.

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