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Patrol squadron 47 vp47 1982 misawa cruise book ebay. Have not hit a lick since 1993, after i retired the second time, bought an rv and never looked back. We ask that you enter only enough information about yourself that your shipmates can recall you. Congratulations on your orders to vp 48s alumni association. Our mission is to provide a forum for all those that proudly served with the pelicans. Patrol squadron four seven vp 47 golden swordsmen patrol squadron fortyseven came into existence with the commissioning of vpb27 at harvey point, north carolina, on 1 june 1944. First vp 48 september 1st, 1948 through december 31st, 1949.

The war eagles fly and maintain the state of the art p8a poseidon to accomplish this mission. Retired, the founder and fast director of the airpower research. Patron four six is located at ault field on nas whidbey island just outside of beautiful oak harbor, washington. Our mission is to provide maritime patrol services to the fleet in support of national interests. Anybody with historical information, photos, cruise books, or other items, or. Have pictures and cruise books that bring back lots of good memories. The number of copies of a cruise book is very limited. Vpnavy vp49 shipmates summary page vp patrol squadron. My last vp was in vp47, it too was a very good squadron. If you are reporting to the command or looking for more information about our location, please see our welcome aboard page.

Vpnavy vpvpb selection summary main summary page vp. I joined them in naf kadena, okinawa, japan in 1978 and retired in 1980. The golden swordsmen of patrol squadron vp 47 is a navy p8a poseidon maritime patrol squadron based out of whidbey island, wa, and attached to patrol. Primarily a photographic record, the cruise books often exceed 500 pages and produce one of the best accounts of their voyages available to the public. Vp 48 deployed to naf kadena, okinawa, japan, with a detachment at nsf diego garcia.

Navy asw patrol squadrons is posted with permission on pages dedicated to each respective squadron. During the deployment the squadron played an important. Uss constellation cv64 westpac cruise book year log 1978 79 navy. Would not call this the highlite of my career, so i retired and moved to texas with my wife and two kids. Us navy patrol squadron 46 19691970 cruise book ltjg joel kahn on. Looking for anyone who has cruise book to get names of crew 12. We stopped in nas midway island and spent the night and arrived in the afternoon. A site where fellow woodpeckers can reunite and share sea stories and pictures. Patrol squadron fortysix vp 46 grey knights deployments. This cruise book is dedicated to the officers and men of patrol squadron forty six. Vpnavy shipmates letter f summary page vp patrol squadron.

Us navy cruise books the largest online collection of freely. The p5m2 ba8 shown in the vp47 aircraft photo section was buno. Vp6 shipmates summary page vp patrol squadron vpnavy. History of the golden swordsmen of patrol squadron vp 47. Us navy patrol squadron vp 48 1978 westpacmisawa cruise book. The book contains photos and information specific to the squadron. The golden swordsmen of patrol squadron forty seven vp47 have a long and storied history of tradition and success. A few pictures of greg lanes adventures with some of my good navy friends who served our country in patrol squadron seventeen about 1970 and 1971as we. Many individuals and organizations helped make this book possible. Featuring a comprehensive array of navy squadron available for sale today online. The united states navy produces cruise books that document the daily life of officers and crew members on voyages or deployments. Continued my support of the p3 program, while working for lockheed burbank calif until i retired 2000. Vpnavy is dedicated to the men and women of the united states navy flying asw vp vpb patrol aircraft past and present.

Shortly after arrival at naf misawa, japan, the squadron was forced to fly away in the face of typhoon virginia to nas cubi point, philippines. Navy squadron for sale collectibles for everything. Flowing this tour i returned to vp 40 flowed by a short tour in va55 aboard the uss hancock cva19. Now retired and enjoying a leisure life in northern texas. Vpnavy has attempted to collect every available piece of information via the internet. I was an air traffic controller there and got to know a lot of the vp 47, vp 48 and vp 50 shipmates. The date provided at the end of each entry is the date of the accidentincident, rather than the date of death of individuals who may have died subsequently to the event. Cruise books are yearbookstyle books put together by volunteers on board ship to commemorate a deployment. United states navy cruise book collection gg archives. Vpnavy vp47 shipmates summary page vp patrol squadron. Established as vp 208on december 15th, 1942 redesignated vpb208on october. Details about us navy patrol squadron vp47 1982 misawa cruise book. Vp47 rd 7 p3c buno 158211 on approach to nas moffett field, july 1978.

Through their efforts lie and successes of our deployment. We are tentatively planning a dinner cruise around the harbor on our 2nd night and a dinner at the hotel on our last night for our goodbyes and photo sessions. Us navy cruise books the largest online collection of. Do as much fishing as i can and play a little golf. I hitched a ride with one of the vp 47 p3s from nas agana, guam to nas moffett field, california on april 15, 1973. Welcome aboard from the war eagles of patrol squadron sixteen vp 16. This is the us navy patrol squardon 46 westpac knights 19691970 cruise book. Established as vp 27 on 1 june 1944 redesignated vpb27 on 1 october 1944 redesignated vp 27 on 15 may 1946 redesignated vp ms7 on 15 november 1946 redesignated vp47 on 1 september 1948 insignia approved. Us navy patrol squadron one 19571958 kodiak adak cruise book vp 1.

Vpnavy vp1 shipmates summary page vp patrol squadron. Data are based on incomplete and sometimes conflicting sources. Vp47 aircraft summary page vp patrol squadron vpnavy. Finished my career in 1978 with vp 47 as a mech on the t56s. The great galapagos adventure vp 48 alumni association cruise book summary page cruise books. Vp 1 reunion for circa 1978 through 1984 plus or minus. During world war ii, vp 201 flew more than 28,000 hours in the seabased pbm mariner from norfolk, key west, bermuda, and the panama canal zone, combating german submarines that were threatening allied shipping throughout the atlantic. This listing is for the following original cruise book. Registration and communicating with shipmates at is free forever. Official us navy sources have been used when they are available in the collection of the navy department library. Us navy cruise books are unofficial publications published by a ships crew to document a cruise or deployment. Looking through this cruise book, produced some 20 years after our time in the squadron and two years before its decommissioning on 31 march 1995, is in many ways like going back in time. Vp47 shipmates summary page vp patrol squadron vpnavy.

Us navy cruise books the largest online collection of freely accessible us navy cruise books 1708 cruise books and 27 decommissioning programs available us navy cruise books are unofficial publications published by a ships crew to document a cruise or deployment. We put effort into ensuring your item arrives safely. Patrol squadron eight vp 8 was commissioned in september 1942 as patrol squadron 201 in norfolk, virginia. Vp navy personal library vpnavy united states navy. Patrol squadron 47 vp47, also known as the golden swordsmen, is a maritime patrol squadron of the united states navy based at naval air station whidbey island, washington, attached to patrol and reconnaissance wing 10. Us navy patrol squadron vp 47 1982 misawa cruise book. Vintage 80s hidy misawa dress black crushed velvet goth funnel neck uk 10 us 6. See how easy it is to install bunn vp171 low profile pour over coffee brewer duration. Us navy patrol squadron one 1977 1978 westpac cruise book patron one vp 1.

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