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In view of its architectural and social importance, its restoration proceeded according to the principle of minimal intervention, respecting the original fabric while erasing the damage caused by previous works for example, by removing the earlier cement mortars that had given rise to cracks. The ibn tulun mosque includes many architectural elements. The mosque experienced a number of mutations thereafter. Islamic architecture architecture plan theatrical scenery egypt travel easy day mosques islamic art cairo day trips. The mosque is located in a slightly elevated region of the sayyida zaynab district, in alkhudairi street, cairo, egypt. There is no evidence of the presence of this style of. Slightly more lowkey but no less beautiful is the mosque of ibn tulun in the egyptian capital. The mosque of ahmad ibn tulun is one of the most important mosques in egypt. Untuk mendapatkan gambar versi pdf dan dwg, silahkan tinggalkan komentar atau hubungi kami via whatsapp 0855091571jazakallah khairan. See more ideas about mosque, beautiful mosques and egypt. Mosque of ibn tulun religious cultural egypt tourist. Each of the architectural elements found in the ibn tulun mosque have their own functions.

What this drawing tries to show is that the floor plan has been composed from. It is the oldest mosque in egypt as well as the whole of africa surviving in its full original form, and is the largest mosque in cairo in terms of land area. Islamic architecture in mali, west africa djenne, timbuktu. The islamic architecture originated in different countries and was influenced by every country. The congregational mosque of ibn tulun is considered to be. The mosque of ibn tulun, is considered the second oldest mosque extant in egypt. The first, originally built by amr, the conqueror of the country, in a. Ibn tulun mosque is both the oldest and the largest mosque in cairo. Ibntuluncairo the worlds most beautiful mosques travel. The main mosque of a city, used for the friday communal prayer, is called a jami masjid, literally meaning friday mosque, but it is also sometimes called a congregational mosque in english. Mosque of ibn tulun the oldest and largest mosque in cairo. Mentioned in every survey of islamic architecture, the mosque has never received due treatment. Ibn tulun mosque floor plan map mosque, cairo, how to plan. The arches supporting the arcades of the sanctuary prayer hall as well as the portico were built pointed in tulunid fashion on robust masonry piers with engaged columns at the corners.

Mosque of ahmad ibn tulun discover islamic art museum with. The mosque of ibn tulun is located in cairo, egypt. Afterwards, he became a powerful and influential person in the court of mamun, allowing his son ahmad ibn tulun ibn means son of to be well educated in the best traditions of islamic law and government. Ahmad ibn tulun was sent to egypt by the caliph in baghdad to serve as the governor of fustat but, after two years, he set up. It was built on the site of presentday cairo and includes a mosque surrounded by three outer ziyadahs, or courtyards. Ibn tulun drew inspiration from his homeland, particularly the ancient mosque of samarra iraq, on which the spiral minaret is modelled, as well as the use of brick. An impressive structure covering a space of over 6 acres 2. It was under the reign of ahmad ibn tulun that egypts status changed from a provincial abbasid caliphate to that of an independent state. Ibn tuluns mosque, minaret, modillons a copeaux 73 104. The largest mosque mosque of ibn tulun tripadvisor. This scheme explains the construction of the floor plan of the mosque of ibn tulun in cairo, egypt.

The ibn tulun mosque in cairo is its typical example, the worship hall of which is a homogeneous space with numerous pillars arranged methodically. Mosques are also used throughout the week for prayer, study, or simply as a place for rest and reflection. The most striking feature of the mosque is its stucco decoration. Between these walls and the walls of the building, there is an open area called ziyada by the autochthons, an example of which may also be seen in the great mosque of samarra in iraq as well as the great mosque of sousse in tunisia. Tulun himself was a turkish slave from bokhara who was given to caliph mamun in 815 ad as a present. When the abbasid general ahmad ibn tulun dispatched from baghdad conquered egypt, he inaugurated his own tulun dynasty 868905 and erected the great mosque in cairo. When the shortlived alqatai was destroyed in the 10th century, the mosque of ibn tulun was the only building that survived. It was transformed into workshops, then into an asylum for.

The ahmed ibn tulun mosque is roughly square in shape, measureing 162 m. Ibn tulun mosque tulunid period, 9th century cairo owes one of its oldest and most beautiful mosques to ahmed ibn tulun, founder of the shortlived tulunid dynasty. Basically, the mosque has an irregular rectangular plan with. Ah 254270 ad 86884 who established the tulunid state ah 25492. An outer moatlike courtyard, originally created to keep the secular city at a distance, was at one time filled with shops and stalls. Since alqatai is now absorbed by the urban district of cairo, the legacy of the alqatai age is solely this mosque, being very important to display the charcteristics of the great mosque of the earliest stage of islam. Elements such as the pointed arch, the pier, and wall battlements formed the essential ingredients of the birth of gothic architecture, which led europe to the renaissance. The ibn tulun mosque in cairo was begun in 876 and finished in 879. The mosque of ahmad ibn tulun is a huge redbrick mosque in cairo, egypt. Alhakim mosque, cairo 9901012 muslim heritagemuslim. Since ibn tulun mosque has much open space, it boasts both sunlight and shadows. The mosque of ibn tulun was the third congregational2 mosque built in the muslim capital of egypt. Ibn tuluns mosque, minaret, modillons h copeaux 74 105.

It was built in the 870s by ahmad ibn tulun, the ruler of egypt and syria at the time. As this courtyardtype mosques, modeled after the prophets mosque, were erected far and wide in the arabic world, they are called arabic type mosques. Introduction to mosque architecture article khan academy. Alqatai was about two kilometers from the old community of fustat. Few years later, ibn tulun announced his independency of the abasside. Discovering the wonder of egypts islamic architecture. In general, the layout and decorations follows the samarrairaqi style where ahmad ibntulun came from antoniou, 1998. Ibn tulun mosque floor plan map with images mosque, cairo. Mosque of ibn tulun religious cultural egypt tourist places, booking hurghada excursions to visit islamic architecture in cairo tourist attractions tourism to visit mosque muhammad ali ibn tulun mosque in cairo journey to ahmed ibn tulun mosque abbasid architecture and the largest famous archaeological mosques in egypt sayeda zeinab hurghada trips to visit the mosque and learn about the. Ibn tuluns mosque, minaret, ground entrance 72 103. Part 1 beginnings history, geography, and religion.

It is the second largest mosque in cairo, the third congregational mosque. The mosque of ibn tulun 8769 ce was built by the order of ahmad ibn tulun, the abbasid governor of egypt. Ibn tuluns mosque, minaret, coupled horseshoe aich on the socle 75 106. Mosque of ahmed ibn tulun, development of ahmed ibn tuluns. The mosque of ibn tulun in cairo 87679 is not only the most complete abbasidstyle mosque to survive anywhere but also one of the very few mosques westerners can still visit. Pdf contemporary architectural trends and their impact on the. Ibn tulun mosque is a rare example where europeans openly admitted its influence on the development of many features of their architecture. The mosque of ibn tulun, cairo, egypt is the second oldest mosque in egypt and africa surviving in its full original form, and is the largest mosque in cairo in terms of land area. Ibn tulun mosque 0 10 20 30 3106 egy the conservation of ahmad ibn tulun mosque iew rom the sahn shows the inarate and the alution site plan the ihra o the osue 1 plan ahmad ibn tulun built this mosque on yashkur hill in alqatai in 2635 a. The ibn tulun mosque was completed in 879 ad on mount yashkur in a settlement named alqatai by the founder of egypts tulunid dynasty 868905 ad, ahmad ibn tulun. Untuk mendapatkan gambar versi pdf dan dwg, silahkan tinggalkan komentar atau. When it comes to the origin of this plan, it is likely that it was the oldest existing mosque in egypt, ibn tulun mosque 876879. Click the download button to download a zipped file containing the. The influence of ibn tulun mosque can also be felt in many architectural elements of the alhakim mosque.

In the year 2000, the historic cairo project started its conservation project. The floor plan of the mosque assumes the form of a square, measuring. The mosque served as the new congregational mosque, replacing the mosque of amr, which was too small to accommodate the troops of ibn tulun. The mosque of ibn tulun was constructed by ahmed ibn tulun between ad 876 and 879 and modeled on.

It was commissioned during the abbasid era, and although it is believed to. Structural analysis islamic architecture floor plans design concrete presentation pdf architecture. Directly from his palace, or dar alimara, which once stood adjoining the mosque on the qibla side, ibn tulun could enter the sanctuary via a door to the right of the minbar. The mosque, together with the ziyada the extra or empty space between the mosque and the surrounding buffer wall, occupies an area of 6.

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